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Good Morning Friends

How do you do????…

I hope yor so good

Bismilahirohmanirohim,alhamdulilahiladzi hada nalihada wama kuna linahtadia anhadanalloh. Robissohrly sodry wayasirly amri wahlul ngukdatam milisani yaf kohu kawli ama ba’du.

We can’t account  how many happiness which have given by Allah SWT to us. Because of that we have to thank to good for all his givings. By so doing, we hope that Allah SWT will increase more and more mercies for us whenever and wherever.

In this good apportunity, i would like to say many thanks to the adjudicators who have given me chance to deliver speach in front of you all my great appreciation also goes to all the teachers,students, and participants who have come to this place. About how introduce my self and make a report. Well my friends,before i make a report about my activity to get a new friend,let me to introduce my self i’am Ahmad Fajri your can call me fajri. I live at Tumang Asih street 33 Number,Kebasen,Banyumas Regency.I want to be a doctor or lecturer of faculty of public health.I was born in Banyumas,10 August 1996. My hobies is reading,chess play and website design

Ladies and Gentlemen

it’s time for me to give report about my activity just now. First i have a sweet girl she is Fajar Residana  her  addres in Sokawera,Somagede,Banyumas Regency. She like reading  and  her born in Banyumas,16 Jully 1996 she have two brother and her  phone number is 08564788119.Next I have one cute boy he is Galar  Sigit Prasuma ,his address Pengadilan lama street  167 His Hobby  Foot Ball game  ambition his is   doctor ,his phone number 081391018830.his parents job is  enterpreanur   . His born Banyumas ,September scond.

All right ladies and gentlement.  To make us fresh,Iwant all of you to stand up ,please. Let’s say together “Thank you teachers! I love you so much”.Ok one two three “Thank you teachers! I love you so much”

Ok i think this is the end of  my speack if i have false I’am So sorry . Thank you for your attention and see you.

Akhirul kalam wabilahi taufik wal hidayah  waridlo wall inayah



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